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Facebook feline feud is far from a black-and-white issue

Dec 13. 2017
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While police stations are often at the centre of feuds between rival parties, the evidence at the heart of a recent conflict publicised on Facebook happened to be a black and white cat.

The story came to light when Facebook user “Nutch Prasopsin” posted details of an argument, withholding the real names of people involved and referring to them only as A, B, C, D, E and F.

She wrote that A had sold a cat to B, who gave it to C, who operates a Facebook page seeking new homes for cats. However, A learned about B’s action and asked for the cat to be returned to him. It was not clear whether A offered to buy the animal back.

The story continued as friends of A, identified as D, E and F, allegedly telephoned and threatened C if the cat was not returned to A. The three allegedly then wrote libellous statements against C on Facebook. 

As a result, C filed a defamation suit against D, E and F with police. All parties concerned were invited to meet police while the cat, as evidence, was brought to a shelter in Samut Prakan.

A photo of the cat with a sign saying “Don’t move the evidence” went viral on Facebook. The cat is said to be “the most cuddly evidence ever”.


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