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Six sentenced to death over series of bombings in the South in 2016

May 02. 2018
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THE PATTANI Court has sentenced six men to death over their roles in several bombings in 2016 that killed two people and wounded more than 20 others, Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) Region 4 and Pattani police jointly announced yesterday.

The court on Monday also sentenced three other defendants to life imprisonment and another man to a 40-year jail term in connection with the bombings, said Isoc Region 4 front command spokesman Colonel Pramote Phrom-in at a press conference held near the Pattani Central Mosque.

The 10 defendants were accused of terrorism, criminal association to launch bomb attacks and other related charges linked to various violent incidents in 2016 as well as subsequent seizures of guns and bomb-making components that year. 

The violent incidents cited were: the October 24 bombing of “Berm Nakhon Pathom” noodle shop in the Pattani Night Market area that killed a 60-year-old woman and left 18 injured; the June 19 bombing of JP furniture shop; the June 18 bombing of two fishing trawlers; and the July 3 bombing in front of Sri Putri shop near the Pattani Central Mosque that injured two policemen and one civilian.

Addressing the crowd, which included the families and relatives of those killed and wounded in the bomb incidents, Pramote said nine defendants had originally received death sentences but three had cooperated and provided useful information during trial hence their punishment was commuted to life imprisonment. 

Ibroheng Yusoh, Amree Lueyoh, Santi Chantharakul, Ayub Poh-lee, Isma-ae Tuyong, and Nironing Niday were given the death sentence while Masan or Hakim Salae, Abdulloh Hayee-uma, and Ruslan Waehayee got life imprisonment.

Another defendant Hamit Jehma was sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

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