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Australia stands with Thailand to tackle climate change, says ambassador

Aug 14. 2018
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AUSTRALIA HAS affirmed its decision to support Thailand and the rest of the global community to tackle climate change.

Patrick Suckling, Australia’s Ambassador for the Environment, said last Friday that Thailand and Australia were collaborating on ways to mitigate climate change and other environmental issues. Suckling was in Bangkok on a three-day visit to discuss the cooperation between the two nation on climate change and their approach to sustainability and broader environmental issues with Thai government agencies, the business sector and civil society organisations.

Suckling and his team met Natural Resources and Environment Minister General Surasak Karnjanarat, who said the problems of marine plastic debris and severe flooding and drought caused by the changing climate were the main discussion topics.

“Climate change makes pro-environment actions more important than ever, because communities across the world are facing threats and challenges of climate change. It is no different in Australia,” Suckling said.

“A big issue such as climate change is not something only one country can fix, but it has to be done through global actions. The Paris Agreement is a historic agreement where the world decided to come together to address the risks posed by climate change.”

He said they were collaborating with Thailand to support the country’s progress in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement. 

They were now working on the development of Greenhouse Gas Measurement Reporting and Verification system to enhance the accuracy of greenhouse gas emission measurements.

“We are also working with other partners from around the world, |from country-to-country levels to partnerships with international |organisations, to support their ability to build climate resilience and |help them pursue their greenhouse |gas reduction targets,” he said.

Suckling said these constructive exchanges can empower nations to improve their efforts to implement the Paris Agreement.

Under the greenhouse gas reduction targets in the Paris Agreement, Thailand has pledged to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emission by 25 per cent by 2030, while Australia has pledged to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 per cent by 2030.

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