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Moral outrage – both mock and real – over massage porn flick shot in Chiang Mai

Jun 16. 2019
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By The Thaiger

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Some Chiang Mai locals are sharing their outrage over a porn video shot in a local massage shop in which the massage finished up with much more than just a “happy ending”.

 The clip is called “Thai VIP Massage”.

Manager Online reports that netizens were calling for the police to investigate the adult movie shot in the northern city. The flick was filmed in various locations around the city.

The plot (and we use the term loosely) shows a foreign tourist entering a Thai massage shop reported to be located near Loi Kroh Road. The man is greeted by a woman wearing traditional Lanna-style clothing. She starts off with a traditional massage but her handiwork gets increasingly more sexual – and readers can guess the rest of the “plot”.

Police say they have not yet received an official complaint about the film, which was shared on the Line App, but they have made some preliminary investigations.

Among the complaints about the film, some say it will sully the good reputation of Chiang Mai and of Thais living in the north. They also complained that people viewing the clip could get the wrong impression about Thai massage.

The mock-moral outrage over the porn video appears contrary to the actual online viewing habits of Thais. The two most popular websites in Thailand are porn video sites, after Google, YouTube and Facebook, and a long way ahead of local sites like Pantip. 

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