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Who's feeling Yinglucky now?

Sep 29. 2011
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Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is getting lots of mail, as might be expected, but her husband Anusorn Amornchat says most of the writers are asking for money - either directly in cash or indirectly in the form of a lucky lottery number.

Well, it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it? You never know – maybe she’ll be in a generous mood when she opens your letter.

The appeal for lucky numbers is easily explained, too. The numbers of Yingluck’s licence plate appeared twice the two- and three-digit lottery.

Sceptics pointed out that she uses eight different vehicles, but then “28” won the two-digit lottery, and she’s the 28th prime minister, so what about that, huh?

So we need more numbers from Yingluck, and here comes her declaration of personal assets. It’s a goldmine of shiny digits to choose from. She has seven Hermes handbags and a four-carat diamond ring, for example. Her bank-account total alone can be reconfigured for years.

Twice the ‘Love’

Puttipong “Sena Petch” Na Sakolnakorn is heading into a big month.

“A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (“First Love”), the movie he co-directed with Wasin Pokpong, is being shown at Germany’s International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences in about a week. It’s been a hit at other such film gatherings around the world, winning awards in Okinawa and Italy.

An on October 13, Sena Petch’s new movie, “30+ Love on Sale” – about a woman in her early 30s – opens in Thailand.

“First Love” drew lots of critical praise and customer cash with its charming tale of a 14-year-old girl. Can “30+” repeat that success with a character twice the age? Interesting social angle!

“It all comes down to the same thing – everyone needs to love and be loved,” Sena Petch insists. “I don’t feel any pressure [about whether he’ll score big again] because I think my second movie is the same as the first. I offer something good and something I put all my effort into. If people like it, then they’ll like it.”

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