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EMG's CEO came under attack by unknown assailants

Jul 15. 2015
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By Myanmar Eleven

A group of five men attacked the car that Dr Than Htut Aung, the CEO of Eleven Media Group, was driving by using nuts. The attack occurred at the junction of U Chit Maung Road and Ar Zarni Street, Bahan Township, Yangon Region at about 6 pm on July 14.

The well-organised assailants waited in a taxi at the opposite lane and hit the car of the CEO from the close range of two feet with the use of nuts and they aimed at the head of the CEO. The attack damaged the glass of the car, but Dr Than Htut Aung was not injured.

“We saw the car behind us being catapulted when our car was ready to set off. We saw one of the assailants and he looks brown in complexion. He is tall and thin,” a civil servant of the Ministry of Electric Power said.

The assailants waited in a taxi bearing Cadina brand with number plate 5D/3938 in front of A&P Shop on U Chit Maung Road. Two of them got off the car at the opposite lane and launched a close range attack to the car of the CEO on his way back home from his office of Eleven Media Group while waiting for the traffic light near Zaygway bus-stop in Bahan Township, Yangon.

“We are sitting then. We see when we hear the sound. Two assailants aimed and threw the car with the catapults using nuts for five or six times. Those assailants carefully plotted the attack as they knew the return route of the CEO. This road section sees clear traffic in the evenings, but heavy traffic can be seen over there,” witness Sithu who is living in Sayarsan South Ward said.

The two assailants catapulted the car of the CEO using nuts for five or six times. The two accomplices were in the taxi to drive off and the one waited for the situation to signal to his assailants. After launching the attack, the assailants drove off to Tamwe roundabout.

“One of the two main attackers looks fair in complexion and he is five feet and eight inches. He is wearing a white shirt and a hat in a backward position. He seems about 25 years old. Other one looks 35 years old. He seems a little paunchy and has black complexion. He is about five feet and eight inches,” witness Naing Ko said.

“I am selling. I don’t see the time of attack. But the attack scene occurred in front of my shop. I saw the attackers catapult the head of the man inside the car using nuts. After the attack, the waiting taxi drove off to Tamwe roundabout, a woman seller near A&P shop said.

“The violence was well-organised by using more people and it was carefully plotted,” Dr Than Htut Aung said.

“It might be a well-organised assault. I have about two roads to use for my return home from my office. Perhaps, someone reported on my return which time I return home and his accomplices waited somewhere and attacked me. The assailants may be around 25 years and over 30. Such assault cannot prevent us from our ongoing stance and our journalism of Eleven Media Group. I don’t think it cannot pose a danger to the change of the country the people long for. I am worried nothing about it. If such attack is a political violence, I am deeply concerned about the safety of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi,” Dr Than Htut Aung said.        

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