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Steering council to include members from every social and political spectrum

Sep 15. 2015
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By Anapat Deechuay
The Nation

Some former members of the National Reform Council would be included in the National Reform Steering Council, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has declared.
And that’s the way it has to be, he said, because they must continue the work initiated by the now-defunct council. With them sitting beside the new members, they could exchange views with one another, he said.
Prayut said he wanted everything to go in the same direction. Hence, it was necessary for the steering council to include those who already understood the work and the reforms. 
Apart from this group of people, the premier said the council would also be filled with people from four other groups: public servants from each ministry; retired officials; lawmakers and academics. 
He said the public servants from each ministry would know the procedures of their affiliations and the retired officials would be better acquainted with the problems faced by the members. 
Politicians or representatives from political parties, meanwhile, must also join the council, he said. Prayut said he had already instructed concerned officials to contact them. Some of them have also offered to help. But if they wish to join the council, they need to accept the rules, he said. 
Political groups could also apply for seats on the council, Prayut added. And they must be included.
“Don’t see that the council only has soldiers. I assure that [we are] not just considering the familiar faces. [We can’t] just take in the familiar faces. The country belongs to everyone, not just any particular person,” the PM concluded.

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