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21 Malaysian drug suspects appear in court

Mar 26. 2016
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Police yesterday brought 21 Malaysian drug suspects to a Bangkok court to get approval for their first 12 days in custody.
Railway Police arrested 15 Malaysian drug ‘mules’ and seized 226 kilograms of the drug ‘ice’ and eight kilograms of heroin on the train heading from Bangkok to Padang Besar in Malaysia on Wednesday.
The next day, Highway Police arrested six alleged accomplices, also Malaysians. 
In a separate drug bust, the Pha Muang Task Force seized 48,000 ‘yaba’ pills at the Ban Hua Kham border village in Chiang Rai’s Mae Fah Luang district.
Two male drug suspects escaped on a motorbike.
The pills, believed to have belonged to Myanmar drug lord Lt-Colonel Yi Se, were found in a sack that the men discarded on the roadside while fleeing. 

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