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Researchers say Phichit gold mine did not contaminate local area

Apr 27. 2016
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By Tanpisit Lerdbamrungchai

THE RESEARCH team from a consulting firm chosen by the government to inspect Akara Resources’ Chatree gold mine in Phichit province has told Industry Minister Atchaka Sibunruang the mine did not contaminate the surrounding area with cyanide and heavy meta
Behre Dollbear International Ltd had a meeting yesterday with Atchaka to detail the results of its environmental impact inspection.
The information will be used when the gold mine applies to have its metallurgy licence renewed.
The researchers said an analysis of evidence since January found it was almost impossible for the mine’s tailing storage facility to contaminate the area with cyanide. 
They said an analysis of cyanide found in a nearby paddy field had not been stored in the facility.
The team also said arsenic and manganese found in the water supply and soil around the mine had occurred naturally in the environment. The mining operation had only slightly increased the level of heavy metals, but had not exceeded the safe limit.
The researchers said high amounts of heavy metals found in the blood of people living around the gold mine was because of dietary habits.
Atchaka said this information would be used when the government considers whether to renew the metallurgy licence. Today, she will inspect the mine with the ministers for science, public health and natural resources and the environment.

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