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Police to do DNA checks on human bones found in forest area near Udon Thani

Apr 22. 2016
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POLICE believe victims from various different cases may have been killed and their bodies burnt in a degraded forest zone in Udon Thani province over a period of many years.
Provincial Police Region 4 chief Pol Lt General Boonlert Jaipradit confirmed yesterday that bone pieces were found in the forest zone two days ago. 
“DNA tests will be conducted and results compared against the database of people reported as missing,” he said.
“These bodies might have been burned because their killers tried to cover up their crime”. 
On Thursday, locals alerted police about human skeletons they came across in the forest zone. Bone pieces became visible partly because bushes and weeds withered under the scorching sun during the drought and ongoing hot weather. 
Dr Taweerat Srikullawong, director of Ban Pheu Hospital, has joined a police team in examining 15 spots where there were signs of burning. 
“We have gathered three types of evidence including bone pieces, scraps of tyres, and ornaments,” he said. 
Dr Taweerat said bone pieces were found at eight spots. Other spots might have been sites where bodies were burnt but such incidents may have occurred so long ago that it was not possible to find bone pieces there.
One of the skeletons belonged to Bang-orn Thong-orn, a loan shark who went missing in April 2014. Parts of her remains were found later that same year. But due to the weather conditions at the time, weeds and bushes were thick. So, police did not see traces of other victims. 
Bang-orn’s killer has not been arrested to date. 
Udon Thani police chief Pol Maj General Pirapong Wongsamarn pledged yesterday to launch a detailed inspection of the scene tomorrow. 
Asked if rogue police were involved in the killings of victims whose remains were found in the forest zone, Boonlert said police would have to investigate the cases further. 
Records show Kularb Insri, 48, went missing from a police dwelling in Udon Thani in 2009. After she disappeared, Yaowalak Kosit, 48, said she hired a policeman to kill Kularb because the latter had a romantic relationship with her police husband. Kularb’s body has not been found. 

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