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Woman causes stir at Government House

Jun 14. 2016
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By Wasamon Audjarint
The Nation

A 27-year-old woman claims to have been brain damaged by an EEG wave and tries to file a petition with PM.
It was a busy Tuesday morning for security staff at the Government House when a woman attempted to break through the crowd, screaming that she had to present a petition to Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha.
    The 27-year-old woman, who later introduced herself as Chemchuree Chuaiprat, ran up to Prayut, who was talking to officers from the Office of Knowledge Management and Development, on a visit to promote their event.
    “Please help me! Everyone told me to ask the PM!” Chemchuree shouted “More than a year has passed and no one has helped me. I have evidence and everything. Please set up a committee to investigate this,”
    Her attempt to reach Prayut failed, however, as she was seized by security guards and detained inside Nari Samosorn Building.
    Prayut was heard saying, “What on earth is that?”
    “I heard she had some kind of illness,” the premier said afterward, raising a finger to his head “But we will receive her petition and investigate it,”
    Chemchuree revealed later that she came to ask help from Prayut as she had suffered brain damage from an electrical “EEG wave”, which could lead to a decline in her physical ability, poorly organised thought processes, cancer and eventually death.
    She added that she did not know who or where the EEG wave came from and how she became affected by it.
    Claiming to be a representative of a group of sufferers, she said she wanted to ask the premier to set up an investigative committee to track down the exact cause of the damage.
    EEG is an abbreviation of Electroencephalography, an electrophysiological monitoring method used to record electrical activity of the brain. The Nation has been unable to find any link between the actual EEG and the symptoms mentioned by Chemchuree.
    She was led away by police officers, who said that they would allow her to file a more robust petition.
    It is not known yet how Chemchuree managed to enter the Government House’s compound. However, the area is accessible to all comers who leave their ID cards with security and are given guest cards in order to enter the compound.

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