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800,000 students to learn exam tricks, techniques

ABOUT 800,000 students in four regions nationwide have joined the 19th Intensive Tutoring for Admission Exam campaign, hosted by Sahapatthanapibul and The Nation, over seven days.



Sahapatthanapibul Plc vice director Vathit Chokwatana yesterday told the opening ceremony at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce that the project had been held annually for almost 20 years to promote equal learning opportunities for all young people in Thailand.
“We realised the importance of education and the enhancement of young people’s quality of life,” said Vathit. “We focus on providing live-tutoring in a regional university and broadcasting the tutoring through the Internet in four regions.”
These include University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce for the Central region, Naresuan University for the North, Khon Kaen University for the Northeast, and Hat Yai University for the South. The Internet broadcasting is being supported by Data Pro Computer System Co Ltd.
There will be special tutoring at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce on Sunday while the seven-day online tutoring will be aired to schools and universities joining the project, Vathit explained.
He said the project would focus on modernised and intensive tutoring for the Ordinary National Educational Test (ONET), General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Professional and Academic Aptitude Test (PAT) in nine ordinary subjects including mathematics, Thai, English, social studies, science, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.
“The project will gather famous tutors from top tutorial schools such as Kru-P Nan from Enconcept and Nong OnDemand to advise students about how to prepare themselves before testing and clarify any doubts encountered in the content while studying,” he said.
“I want all the students enjoy and concentrate on the tutoring. Sahapatthanapibul will continuously develop the project to be able to answer the students’ questions,” he said, adding that students could watch reruns of the tutoring videos on after the final day of the project.
‘Advantageous project’
Supat Champathong, secretary-general of the Office of the Higher Education Commission, said the project would benefit all Thai students as they learned from the techniques, ideas and knowledge of 39 top tutors while preparing for admission testing to their desired institutions.
“I would like students to take knowledge and tricks from the seven-day tutoring as much as they can, to be ready before their tests. Although some faculties have a high competition rate, such as medical and engineering, there are enough seats for all students in higher education institutions,” he said. 
He thanked Sahapatthanapi-bul and The Nation for “realising the importance of education and driving this advantageous project”.
Grade 5 secondary student Suthasinee Tohjee, from Suansriwittaya School in Chumphon province, said she had learned of the project through its website, and it would prove helpful as she aimed for a place in the engineering faculty of Kasetsart University.
“The project will help me prepare for tests such as ONET, GAT and PAT, where every subject is essential to study in higher education.
“I would not normally be able to study with top tutors in Bangkok because I live outside the city. This project gives me a chance to learn new techniques to do the tests and get new experiences. Also, realising the readiness and potential of other students will stimulate me to prepare myself for my desired university,” she said.
One parent, Chompoonuch Sathienmat, said she supported her child joining the project because it was a good opportunity to study with famous tutors for free.
“This project is highly advantageous for high-school students who are going to study in the university because it lets them practise for the exam using tricks and techniques taught by top tutors” she said.
“Although the costs can be high, learning with tutors is necessary for young people because they have to acquire new techniques to do academic exercises and revise what they learned in the usual schools. 
“It can help them understand more deeply as they study in their desired university.” 
She added, however, that parents should help their children manage their time to do activities or learn new things beyond the books and tutorial schools.

Published : October 03, 2016