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EC wants election time frame set by charter to exclude counting process

May 24. 2017
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By The Nation

The president of the Election Commission (EC), Supachai Somcharoen, said on Wednesday it would be more convenient for all parties involved if the 150-day time frame set for the next election to take place excluded the confirmation period of the poll results.

It would be convenient for both the EC and political parties, he said. If the time frame set by the new charter covered every process of the election, it would become complicated, especially when other issues emerged, Supachai elaborated.

The 150-day time frame is stipulated in the new Constitution for the election to be held.

This has stirred a debate whether the period covered all the steps in the election or only the period until the voting day.

EC member Somchai Suthiyakorn had said earlier that the case would be brought before the Constitutional Court for a final ruling.

Norachit Sinhaseni, a spokesman of the Constitution Drafting Commission, said the time frame should mean only the period until the holding of an election. It should not include other procedures such as vote counting or the confirmation of the results, he said.

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