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Village head seeks help for two poor siblings in Chon Buri

Aug 26. 2017
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By The Nation

A village headman in Chon Buri’s Si Racha district has appealed for the public to help a sister and a brother abandoned by their mother and totally dependent on hands-out from neighbours to survive.

The plight of the two siblings became known after the head teacher of a third-grade class at Ban Surasak School noticed that one of his students, Narong Klinhom, 9, had a miserable look when he came to school.

The teacher went to the house and found Narong was living with his disabled sister, Kannikar Klinhom, 17, at their collapsing old wooden house in Moo 5 village in Tambon Khansong.

The teacher then alerted the village head, Banphot Salabsee, to urgently help the two siblings.

Banphot discovered that the children’s mother Or Sudklai, 37, had left them four or five months ago to live with her new husband. She had also taken Kannikar’s savings book and an ATM card with her. The account had been credited Bt800 a month by the government as Kannikar’s disability allowance.

Banphot said the land the two are living on has been mortgaged with a local businessman by their father, who had died. The land had been seized but the businessman allowed the two children to live continue living there.

The village head said the sister is suffering from a medical disorder, robbing her of the ability to control her urination and requiring her to wear adult diaper at all times. This leaves her too embarrassed to leave home to find a job. Moreover, her legs had been disfigured due to an operation at the Ao Udom Hospital when she was two.

Banphot said he provided immediate help to the two by giving them rice, dried foods, adult diapers and a sum of money. He had coordinated with the Tambon Khao Khansong Administrative Organisation to change the account to which the Bt800 monthly allowance will be credited.

Kannikar said she wished to be cured of the urination disorder so that she could work to send her brother to school.

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