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Coke distributor eyes logistics breakthrough

Apr 05. 2018
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By The Nation

Many organisations in Thailand are faced with a digital transformation that fundamentally changes operations, according to a firm that distributes Coca-Cola to the Thai market.

Thai Namthip and Nostra said they were working together to develop innovative technology to meet rapid change, in line with the Thailand 4.0 initiative and wider, disruptive global trends.

Logistics is an industry that requires an essential adjustment, according to Thai Namthip. The key is to manage the routes and reduce the cost, distance and time taken to deliver the goods from the warehouse to the customer with reduced time and resources. The cost incurred from logistics has a tremendous impact on business, Thai Namthip says. With the implementation of technology, the company will significantly improve in terms of the transport efficiency, which results in greater accuracy, operational safety and reliability, it said. 

Thai Namthip Co Ltd, manufacturer of beverages under the Coca-Cola brand, has over 50 years of experience in logistics and distribution throughout the country. 

Despite being praised as a leading logistics company, Thai Namthip has been looking for tools and solutions to address the profound effect technology has had on business competition. For the past three years, the firm said tools had empowered Thai Namthip’s employees, reduced logistical issues and enabled the firm to satisfy customers.

Phisit Phongphu, deputy logistics managing director at the firm, said the use of technology to manage the logistics and distribution enabled it to set firm targets for organising distribution centres and serve thousands of shops throughout the country. 

Thai Namthip said it was also preparing an effective tracking system that would improve the efficiency of the distribution system, including timing, routing, staffing and other factors. 

Phisit said: “By improving our tracking and monitoring system, transport and distribution, we did research and found that the ready-to-use systems from global companies might not fit well with Thai Namthip. Some are too large and many are costly. They did not fit the particular needs and quality we expected. Then we realised that the layout of our system must be different from others and we decided to develop a system that truly was compatible with our actual needs.”

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