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Nong Khai centre issues over 98,000 e-work permits in two years

Over 98,000 e-work permits to Lao migrants have been issued by the Nong Khai migrant employment centre since it opened in 2016, says a senior labour official in the northeastern province.



The centre was opened that year under a memorandum of understanding between Thailand and Laos, and began issuing electronic work permits.
Without the e-permits, the centre would not be able to quickly and efficiently handle the volume of applications from Lao workers, says Wisut Jonmuang, the chief employment officer for Nong Khai.

The centre is in charge of recording employment and termination of employment of Lao migrants in line with the MoU. Lao workers who want an e-work permit must first receive training from the centre.
Most of the Lao workers applying for work permits are brought to the centre by job placement agencies located in Laos. Thai employers accompany some applicants. About 400 to 500 workers apply for work permits each day, Wisut adds.

Published : July 16, 2018

By : The Nation