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Coca-Cola gives Thais healthy Fuze Tea

Aug 28. 2018
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By The Nation

The Coca-Cola system in Thailand has introduced Fuze Tea in two variants – Passion Fruit Tea with Chia Seeds and Peach Tea with Chia Seeds.

Both are rich in Vitamin C, offering antioxidant benefits. They meet the lifestyle needs of a new generation of health-conscious consumers in the face of unavoidable daily obstacles such as pollution, heat and dusty smoke.

“We spoke to many Thai people in the lead-up to designing Fuze tea,” said Claudia Navarro. “We visited with them in their homes and sometimes accompanied them on their commutes. What we observed was the long periods of time that people are spending exposed to high levels of pollution. 

“This has multiple effects, but one of them is the impact on the skin, making it less radiant. This triggered our thinking in terms of the tea product we wanted to offer Thais. Fuze Tea was conceived as a drink to help Thai consumers feel refreshed and making each and every day radiant. 

“We decided to launch in two variants with a unique feature for the Thai market, which is chia seeds, a well-known healthy seed that is high in nutrients.

“We think the benefits from chia seeds, in combination to a delicious-tasting, low-sugar drink will be a big success. More and more we are seeing people taking care of their overall sugar intake – in both food and drinks. We wanted a drink that would feel light in terms of the level of sugar but also taste delicious, and I invite you to tell us whether we have succeeded.”

Fuze Tea is chiefly targeted at women aged 20-29 who have a taste for refreshing tea with the relaxing aroma of passion fruit and peach.

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