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Motorists warned of wild elephants parading on road in Prachin Buri

Khao Yai National Park authorities warned motorists on Wednesday to drive with caution as a herd of wild elephants had taken to parading on the road that runs through the park in Prachin Buri.



Photo from: KhaoYaiNationalPark1962's Facebook page

Park chief Khanchit Srinoppawan said a herd of between five and 20 elephants often came out for a stroll in the afternoon.
The gentle giants have frequently been spotted walking near the entrance to the Haew Narok Waterfall, between kilometre markers 33 and 35 of highway 3077.
The latest sighting was at 9am on Wednesday, when a herd of 25 adults and calves swayed calmly down the road. As usual, two large elephants led the procession, with the calves protected between them, said Khanchit.

Photo from: KhaoYaiNationalPark1962's Facebook page
Teams of park officials rushed to the scene to cordon off the road for the safety of both motorists and elephants.
Another team was dispatched to lead the elephants to safety, keeping a distance of 20 metres as they did so. Eventually a park official managed to gently coax the lead elephants back into the tree line.
Khanchit said it took about an hour before the herd left the road and returned into forest.
On Monday park officials shot video of a herd of 20 elephants out walking on the same road, then posted it on Facebook to warn motorists.

By Wednesday morning, the clip had been viewed over 1.25 million times and shared over 2,800 times.

Published : October 24, 2018

By : The Nation