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TCP Group launches ‘The Power of Real Men’ campaign

Oct 25. 2018
Surachai Chonglertvarawong, TCP Group’s Thailand country director
Surachai Chonglertvarawong, TCP Group’s Thailand country director
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By The Nation

TCP Group, a Thai-owned global corporation which manufactures and markets the popular Krating Daeng energy drinks, has launched a major marketing campaign to end 2018, the company said in a press statement released on Thursday.

 With an investment of more than Bt80 million, the group has kicked off “The Power of Real Men” promotional initiative. The campaign has a new commercial entitled “Unleash a Bull’s Force”, which is aimed at working consumers who are fans of the energy drink brand. 

The campaign’s objective is to encourage people to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles as they move towards the goals they have set themselves, in the hope that it will help bring the market for energy drinks back to its sensational best during the last quarter of 2018.

Surachai Chonglertvarawong, TCP Group’s Thailand country director, said: “To renew brand awareness and get the energy drinks market back to exciting sales levels during the last quarter of 2018, we have invested over Bt80 million in a major campaign to bid farewell to the year. 

“As part of our campaign, we have launched the ‘Unleash a Bull’s Force’ commercial to reinforce Krating Daeng’s position as a brand that reaches out to and understands its customer target group. We target working people aged between 25 and 40. 

“Krating Daeng is also inviting consumers to take part in an exciting sweepstakes worth over Bt1 million, initiated to help fans’ cost of living and give back to supporters. The first prize is a Toyota Revo pickup truck worth Bht 679,000.”

“Everybody can participate by simply adding ‘Krating Daeng’ on Line Official and texting a code found under the bottle-caps of the products via Line Official, which is free of charge from today until January 24th, 2019,” Surachai said.

“The ‘Unleash a Bull’s Force’ commercial is part of ‘The Power of real Men’ campaign, which forms the heart of our principal communication strategy to encourage working heroes to keep working hard and unleash the bullish force inside them, because we realize that many people have to face obstacles in their lives. In particular, there are those who work hard for a better life. 

“We at Krating Daeng believe that everybody possesses an inner force. It’s simply a matter of time for this hero force shows itself. That’s why we want to give people encouragement. That’s why we campaign for people to overcome life problems and obstacles as they move towards the goals they have set themselves. With the concept of ‘unleash the force of a bull within you’, we encourage people to try and overcome the obstacles they face every day with their inner hero energy. We want people to persevere in the face of all obstacles. We want everybody to get ready to confront and defeat every obstacle in order to eventually become The Power of Real Men,” Surachai added.

Thailand’s energy drinks market is around Bt22,000 million in value. Considering the campaign, TCP Group is confident that by the end of 2018, Krating Daeng will grow in contrast to the overall market trend. 

The campaign will also contribute to the strength of the energy drinks category as TCP Group moves towards projected sales of Bt100,000 million in an effort to be one of Thailand’s noteworthy companies on the world stage.

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