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Unicef launches ‘Art for The Future’ street-art on children’s issues 

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Unicef Thailand has launched a street-art project, “Art for the Future”, as part of its 70th anniversary campaign to urge influencers, youth networks, media and the Thai public to advocate for children.



The UN agency is collaborating with 16 young talented artists to create pieces that tell stories and highlight the critical issues faced by children in the country today: teenage pregnancy, early childhood development, education and violence.

“Although Thailand has made remarkable progress for children during the past decades, too many children are still faced with challenges that prevent them from reaching their full potential,” said Thomas Davin, the agency’s representative for Thailand.

Unicef works with its partners to ensure no child is left behind, he says, and the work remains unfinished. 
“We hope that through this campaign, we can mobilise people from all walks of life, to share their passion and make a difference for children.”
The art is spread throughout 16 locations in Bangkok, including the Charoenkrung area, Woofpack Building, Yelo House and the Makkasan Airport Rail link station.
A plaque will accompany each work to explain the key issues involved and invite viewers to sign up to each cause via a QR code on their mobile phone.

The campaign also aims to trigger engagement, allowing people to lend their voices and support to the cause now and in the future.
The names of those who sign up will be incorporated by the artists into their pieces.
During her five-day visit to Thailand in mid-October, Unicef executive director Henrietta Fore visited the Art for the Future exhibition on Charoenkrung Road. She spoke with the artists and young reporters from Thailand and urged them to advocate for children through their networks of supporters and peer groups. 

As part of its 70th anniversary in Thailand, Unicef has also produced four animated films to raise awareness on the key issues facing children in Thailand.

Sign up for the campaign here:
Watch Art for the Future video:
Watch other animated films:

Published : October 26, 2018

By : The Nation