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Parents of murdered Chinese woman suspect husband’s role

Dec 24. 2018
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By The Thaiger

The Chinese parents of a woman murdered in Phuket in October have presented four life insurance policies valued at almost Bt100 million to Kamala police.

A Chinese man accused of murdering his wife ‘Xiaojie’ (not her real name) remains in custody at the Phuket Provincial Court. 

The Kamala Police chief said the man would be charged with murder if police find evidence that he had killed his wife to cash in on the insurance policies.

The Chinese husband, Zhang Weifan, is from Tianjin, China and is alleged to have murdered his wife during a family vacation in Phuket after buying life insurance policies in her name.

On the third day after their arrival, Xiaojie’s parents received a call from Zhang’s parents. They said Zhang had told them that Xiaojie had drowned in a private pool in the couple’s suite at a luxury hotel.

Yesterday, Xiaojie’s parents presented four life insurance policies valued Bt96 million. They believe the policies were taken out shortly before the holiday in Phuket. The lawyer for Xiaojie’s parents told police that Xiaojie’s signature had allegedly been forged.

Xiaojie’s parents told police that they gave Zhang and their daughter money to buy a house but they hadn’t made any purchase. They believed that Zhang did not have money of his own and were sure that Zhang had killed their daughter.


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