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Khanom Power Plant issues plans for Pabuk

Jan 04. 2019
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By The Nation

Khanom Power Plant, a subsidiary of the Electricity Generating Plc (EGCO) has collaborated with the government and relevant units regarding tropical storm Pabuk.

Jakgrich Pibulpairoj, President of EGCO Group said in a press release issued on Friday that the power plant has prepared plans to handle the situation. They include:

1. Power plant operation

Khanom power plant is able to operate normally as well as cooperating with PTT and EGAT closely. PTT, the provider of natural gas for the power plant confirms that they can provide the gas continuously. However, in case of PTT cannot provide the gas as their promise, the power plant has reserved diesel oil to serve 3.5 days for full generation.

2. Contingency plans for flood

- The power plant has been designed and constructed to protect the wind storm and flood. The foundation of the plant was elevated 3 meters above sea level.

- The landscape of the power plant is surrounded by two mountains which are considered as shields protecting the power plant from storm.

- In case of heavy downpour around the power plant and staff residential areas, the power plant has prepared machine, equipment, and staff members to drain the flood from the site to the sea. The disposal of waste along the flood will be well managed.

- The power plant has evacuation plan for moving the staff members from the residential areas to power plant’s head office

- Cooperating with municipal migration unit to help the communities surrounding the power plant

Khanom power plant has prepared both proactive and reactive contingency plans in accordance with the international standard to deal with emergency cases to ensure prompt and effective actions.

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