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One endangered-species marine creature injured or killed by garbage in Thai waters every 68 hours

Jan 21. 2019
Photo credit: Thai Whale
Photo credit: Thai Whale
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By The Thaiger

Over the past year, 129 marine animals from endangered species have been injured or killed by sea garbage in Thai waters, which means one has been tortured or died every 68 hours from ingesting our rubbish.

Marine specialist Dr Thon Thamrongnawasawat said on Monday that, based on data from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources over the past year, 129 marine endangered-species creatures in Thailand had been injured or died from rubbish floating in the country’s seas.

“This number only counts the dead marine species found washed up on our beaches. There are many others that aren’t washed up along our coastlines,” Thon said.

“We must try to decrease the use of plastic because, even you are throwing your plastic straw into a bin, it will likely end up in the sea. Our garbage management is not good enough.

“Reduce the use of plastic, use natural-material alternatives or use recycled plastic to reduce the number of avoidable marine deaths,” the specialist added.

Source: thethaiger.com

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