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Supermarkets focus on one-stop shopping for Chinese New Year worship sets

Jan 24. 2019
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By The Nation

The Mall Group’s leading supermarkets are celebrating Chinese New Year with a new campaign to present an assortment of auspicious and high-quality worship sets from Thursday to February 5, at every branch of Gourmet Market and Home Fresh Mart.

Chairat Petchdakul, Vice President of Merchandising Supermarket, The Mall Group, said: “Gourmet Market and Home Fresh Mart prepares the best every year, and it gets better every year since we apply learnings to develop and adjust our marketing plans to meet customer needs. 

“This year’s campaign covers product, service and promotion to simplify preparations for the year of the pig. With a one-stop-shop service concept, we provide the best selections of workshop sets, information on traditional worship procedures, and delivery service via applications.”

For product, a noteworthy worship set for the year of the pig is the five pork set with Ba Sae pork stewed with Himalayan salt, Hong Kong-style tenderloin roasted pork, Chashu pork stewed in Japanese soy sauce, golden crispy pork belly, and golden crispy pork. The company said set is not only delicious and high quality, but also filled with auspicious meanings for health, wealth, career success, luck and love. Furthermore, customers receive 555 M Points for M Card customers.

Gourmet Market and Home Fresh Mart also partnered with Betagro, high-quality meat brand and the first Thai brand to receive NSF certification for antibiotic-free products, on the supremely auspicious S-Pure Sa Sae set that uses Himalayan salt to season chicken and pork, a first in Thailand. 

Targeting health-conscious consumers, Himalayan salt is the purest and is packed with nutrition from 84 minerals it contains. As a result, the S-Pure Sa Sae set is like a gift of health and good fortune. With a purchase of this set, receive a fortune-boosting brooch that went through a ceremony at Che Kong Miu temple in Hong Kong.

For those seeking value for money and all-in-one sets, the set of eight consisting chicken, Ba Sae pork stewed with Himalayan salt, palo duck, Chinese grey mullet, banana shrimp, dried mitre shrimp, Jae Chai and yellow rice noodle is appealing. The set represents plentiful, prosperity, wealth, abundance, career success and power.

There is a variety of beautifully-arranged worship sets: Huang Kuay set with five premium fruits; Huang Pia with auspicious traditional Chinese snacks from famous markets; auspicious orange set with premium sun quick orange and the year of the pig figurine; deity of luck Cai Shen Ye Ia set for the growing number of worshippers who seek to enhance their fortune.

Chairat added: “Service is important so we provide information of correct traditional Chinese worship procedures. Two key target groups are parent generation that go for full set and quality and young generation that follow the parent generation, but do not yet have expertise. The latter generation may lack knowledge on traditional worship procedures. 

“We offer delivery service for those who do not have time to shop through M Card Shop and Happy Fresh applications so it is convenient, quick and offer quality products as if customers select them at supermarkets themselves.”

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