Friday, August 06, 2021


Watch : Bus conductor slapped over fare rise 

A passenger on the 95 bus seemed unprepared to pay the increased bus fare on Thursday and reportedly slapped a conductor.



Sone Jaipa, 54, conductor on the bus that links Bangkhen and Ramkamhaeng, filed a complaint with Bangkhen police that a man, aged about 30, attacked her on the bus.
She said the man got on the bus at km4 and gave her Bt6.50. Sone told him the fare had increased to Bt8.
The visibly upset passenger shouted: “You can ask me politely. I have the money to pay for the fare.” 
They then argued and he hit her across the face.

Other passengers restrained the man, who jumped from the vehicle and escaped on another bus.
The conductor said she did not know the man but a colleague said someone meeting his description had attacked other bus conductors in the area.
The Central Administrative Court is scheduled to deliver a verdict tomorrow (Friday) after activists asked it to postpone the increase in bus fares that took effect on Monday.

Published : April 25, 2019

By : Kornsamon Aksorndej The Nation