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Problems seen in Bt140-bn school milk programme

Sep 19. 2019
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By The Nation

Wasan Chinlong, president of the Pasteurised Milk Association, believes the government was too hasty and not transparent enough in approving its Bt140-billion school milk programme and problems are now becoming evident.

Wasan Chinlong

Wasan has publicised a five-point plan to revamp the scheme.

• Contracts for purchasing fresh milk must be prepared according to a signed memorandum of understanding to prevent duplication in the awarding of sales rights.

• Entitlement to sell milk should be allocated at least one month before the start of each semester.

• Entrepreneurs entitled to purchase less than 50,000 cartons of milk per day should be permitted to distribute it to their nearest clients before larger suppliers.

• The proportions of pasteurised milk and UHT milk to be purchased must be clarified while the schools are closed for seasonal breaks.

• The Office of the Private Education Commission should be the official buyer since some schools have insufficient funds or poor financial management and cannot make payment.

Wasan also recommended a change in the period during which companies are penalised for contractual transgressions, which currently extends from one academic year to the next and thus does not give them a chance to correct their mistake.

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