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Arrest warrants issued for five more Bangkok bombing suspects

Sep 20. 2019
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By The Nation

The Criminal Court on Thursday issued arrest warrants for five more suspects for their alleged involvement in the simultaneous bomb and arson attacks in Bangkok on August 2.

The five were identified as Manuden Samah, Muhammadadilan Saleh, Ariff Maseng, Sulkiflee Masameng and Ropae-ing Useng, who are now wanted under arrest warrants Nos 1425/2562, 1426/2562, 1427/2562, 1428/2562 and 1429/2562 respectively.

Police presented evidences against them to the court Thursday and obtained the warrants.

They stand accused of being members of an unlawful syndicate and collaborating to carry out or tell others to carry out terror attacks, attempting to and having launched bomb attacks to harm others and damage others’ properties.

Earlier, police investigators have obtained arrest warrants against 13 other suspects. The suspects who are still at large have been identified as:

1) Ammari Maming

2) Assamee Abuwae

3) Ussaman Pohlor

4) Mayaki Malasing

5) Sattha Ahwae

6) Ussaman Jehteh

7) Sukree Duraman

8) Hakeem Punyung

9) Hasae Baeloh

10) Nassaru Maprasit

11) Ussaman Lateh

12) Hasan Ahwae

13) Mayusoh Hayisamah.

Police investigators earlier arrested three suspects, namely Lu-ai Saengae, Wildun Maha, and Muhammadilhum Sa-i.

Lu-ai and Wildun were arrested on board a bus in Chumphon early on August 2 after the bombs they allegedly planted in front of the Royal Thai Police headquarters were detected on August 1 and were safely disabled.

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