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No sign of African swine fever, but pig farmers told to be careful

Sep 21. 2019
Dr Asadang Ruayajin
Dr Asadang Ruayajin
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By The Nation

Dr Asadang Ruayajin, deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control (DDC), said African swine fever (ASF) only affects pigs and boars and that there are no reports of the disease being transferred to other animals or humans, so far. However, he warned that humans can be carriers of the disease via infected clothes, vehicles, tools and appliances.

“In 2018 and 2019, ASF was found in 27 countries, 12 of which were European, five African and 10 Asian, but there is still no sign of the disease in Thailand,” he said.

DDC has been coordinating with the Department of Health Service Support to disseminate information on disease prevention and monitoring via the Village Health Volunteers (VHV) network.

Asadang added that he wanted to warn people that consuming cooked meat from infected pigs will make them carriers of the virus, which can be spread to others.

“You must protect yourself by wearing a mask, gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing when you touch or cull infected pigs. Wash your hands and bathe after touching them and have your clothes washed,” he said. “Also, make sure you only eat cooked pork that is hot and clean because it may be infected by bacteria that may cause sudden hearing loss, foodborne illnesses and diarrhoea.

“If you find your pigs are sick or dead, inform livestock officers, health volunteers or the village headman immediately or call the Department of Livestock Department hotline (063) 225 6888 or via the department’s mobile app,” he said.

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