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Thailand ‘on path to democracy’, says acting US envoy

Sep 26. 2019
Michael Heath, Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy Bangkok's youtube channel
Michael Heath, Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy Bangkok's youtube channel
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By Kriangkrai Rattana
The Nation

The United States’ newly named charge d’affaires and acting ambassador has said he is “fully confident that Thai democracy will prosper”.

Michael Heath made the comment on Thursday (September 26) after a meeting with Chiang Mai Governor Supachai Iamsuwan at the latter’s residence.

Heath served as consul general in Chiang Mai from 2013-2016 and previously in his country’s embassies in China and Tanzania.

“Although democracy is a complicated system, it is also the best political regime in the world,” Heath told reporters. “At present, Thailand is moving forward on the right path of democracy, and United States is happy to be the companion on this journey together.”

Asked about the current political situation in the US with President Donald Trump facing possible impeachment, Heath said it would likely have only a minor impact on the US and global economies.

“The US has a solid economic system that is able to separate itself from political impacts,” he said.

“Currently we are planning to establish more trade agreements with foreign countries, including China and Thailand, who are still important trade partners of the US. We are also putting more emphasis on protection against infringement of intellectual property rights in overseas markets.”

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