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New Palang Dharma leader raises concern over rising unemployment, falling incomes

Oct 31. 2019
Dr Rawee Maschamadol
Dr Rawee Maschamadol
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By The Nation

The leader of New Palang Dharma Party, Dr Rawee Maschamadol, has expressed concern over the increasing unemployment, expecting the number of jobseekers to reach 400,000 next year.

He was making his remarks on Thursday (October 31) after a survey showed the household income of Bangkokians had decreased from Bt49,194 a month in 2013 to Bt46,695 a month in 2019.

“This is a serious matter because their income has decreased by Bt2,499 a month, or 5 per cent in the past six years,” he said. “The statistics of unemployment rate in 2019 has also increased to up to 390,000 people and is expected to increase to over 400,000 people in 2020.”

He said these problems should be solved by increasing people’s incomes, expanding career opportunities, and enabling citizens to access financial sources if they prefer to run a startup business, instead of the government taking refuge in populist policies.

He also suggested that the government allocate a budget to solve the household income problem by promoting the development of labour skills and supporting private businesses to add more value to their products in order to increase the employment rate, which would also boost the household income.

“Focusing on creating jobs and labour skill development will help the Thai economy become more stable in the long-term, which is better than taking recourse to new populist policies,” he added.

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