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Social security extends age coverage from 60 to 65 for freelance, self-employed workers

Dec 25. 2019
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The Cabinet has approved the amendment of royal decree draft regarding the qualifications of social security candidates under article 40 of Social Security Act, government deputy spokeswoman Ratchada Thanadirek said on Tuesday (December 24).

“The Ministry of Labour has proposed that the age qualification under article 40 be amended from ‘not less than 15 years old and not over 60 years old’ to ‘not less than 15 years old and not over 65 years old’,” she said. “The reason for this change is that we are seeing increasing numbers of older persons who are still capable of working as self-employed or freelance.”

Ratchada further added that the Cabinet approved the Labour Ministry’s proposal as it is in accordance with the government’s 20-year strategic plan, specifically the section dealing with securing social equality and reducing disparity for all members of society. Extending the age coverage of social security will essentially help improve the quality of life of several seniors in the country.

To be eligible for social security benefits under the article 40, candidates must be freelance employees or self-employed e.g. vendors, taxi drivers and farmers. The Ministry of Labour estimates that currently Thailand has 4 million citizens aged 61-65 years old, and among these approximately 63,000 will be eligible for social security benefits under the article 40, prompting the government to contribute additional Bt45.14 million in counterpart fund.

Social security candidates under the article 40 will have 3 choices of monthly contributions: 1) Candidates pay Bt70 while the government contributes Bt30, 2) Candidates pay Bt100 while the government contributes Bt50, and 3) Candidates pay Bt300 while the government contributes Bt150. As for benefits, candidates will be eligible to sick allowance at Bt300 per day (maximum 30 days per year), as well as compensation in case of disability and death (including funeral allowance) depending on the modes and duration of contributions they made to the Social Security Fund.

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