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Khao Kheow zoo welcomes newest member ‒ a common zebra

Jan 09. 2020
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A female common zebra was born on Wednesday, making her the newest addition to Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi province, the zoo’s director, Attaphon Sriheran, said on Thursday (January 9).

“The baby zebra was born to 18-year-old father ‘Neung’ and 14-year-old mother ‘Song’,” he said. “She is healthy and is the newest member of the zebra herd comprising eight zebras in the Africa Savanna section at Khao Kheow Open Zoo.”

Attaphon said the zoo is planning to celebrate the arrival of its new members at the upcoming National Children’s Day event on Saturday (January 11). “We have prepared many fun-filled activities for kids and parents to enjoy at the zoo, such as a mini-concert of duo Garnet and Garfield, champion singers from the “Chum Thang Dao Thong” programme on CH7 channel, a dance battle by The Artist Studio, and many games with special prizes.”

The zoo director also said that all eight zebras at the zoo are common zebras whose main characteristics are clear black and white stripes, black noses, short mane, big eyes and ears, and small round hooves.

“Common zebras live in big herds of up to hundreds or even a thousand. They eat grass on the savanna along with other herbivores such as ostriches, giraffes and antelopes. They have poor eyesight, so they rely on their sharp nose and hearing to avoid predators. Common zebras are native to the African plains and the south of the Sahara desert.”

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