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Another Chinese patient with new coronavirus quarantined

Jan 17. 2020
 Dr Sukhum Karnchanapimai ( on the right )
Dr Sukhum Karnchanapimai ( on the right )
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By The Nation

Another Chinese tourist to Thailand has been quarantined after it was confirmed that he carried the latest Wuhan coronavirus.

On Friday (January 17),, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, revealed that a 74-year-old Chinese woman, who arrived in Thailand on January 13, was quarantined in Bamrasnaradu Infectious Disease Institute. She will be treated until she is fully cured and then allowed to return home.

The authorities said the patient did not have any link with the previous case found in Thailand.

Since January 3, 21 people have shown symptom of the virus -- 12 have already been sent home while two patients are being treated at Bamrasnaradu institute in a separate room.

The condition of the first confirmed patient has improved a lot with no fever and he is awaiting medical confirmation of being free from the virus. The second patient is currently undergoing treatment and would be able to return home once the symptoms of the virus disappear.

Of the people found to be in close contact with the infected persons -- 16 persons with the first patient and 20 with the second -- none were found with the new strains of the coronavirus. 

There are no concerns yet of an outbreak in Thailand.

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