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Fleeing giraffes bring traffic to a standstill on highway

Jan 29. 2020
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By The Nation

Two giraffes escaping from a truck transporting them caused a traffic jam on Highway 304 that extended for almost two kilometres on Tuesday (January 28) around 7pm.

Rescue volunteers in Chachoengsao province were notified of the situation and came to the scene to help clear the traffic.

A car horn was used to scare the giraffes from the road. One of them fled into the forest while the other was defiant.

The officers shot the giraffe with a tranquiliser and loaded it on the back of a truck when it fell asleep. They said it was too difficult to search for the other giraffe in the forest at night.

The two giraffes were being transported from Suvarnabhumi Airport by a lorry of Safari World Pcl to a new zoo in Prachinburi province. When the lorry stopped at the intersection of Highway 304, a driver saw giraffes jumping out of their boxes from the back of the truck and running onto the road, resulting in a traffic jam.

The chief executive officer of Safari World travelled to monitor the situation and emphasised the importance of safety. He suspected that some employees might have forgotten to lock the boxes.

The two giraffes were imported from Africa along with 66 others to be distributed to zoos in Thailand.

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