Wed, October 20, 2021


Ex-soldier arrested for posting alarming message on Facebook

Police arrested a former soldier who posted a message on his personal Facebook page threatening to commit a mass shooting in Chaiyaphum’s Robinson department store. The message, accompanied by pictures of guns, raised panic among people in the province.

The wrongdoer apologised and said he posted the message under the influence of alcohol.
“I didn’t intend to carry out such an action,” the ex-soldier claimed.
He faces three charges – under the computer law, raising panic among the public, and wearing an Army uniform without permission.
Dr Banchob Junhasawadikul, the dean of Dhurakij Pundit University’s College of Integrative Medicine, recently voiced concern that someone might attempt to imitate the action of the Korat mass shooter, a horrific incident which occurred just after the Lopburi gold heist and killing.
“The cases are not just the insanity of an individual but the craving for public attention,” Banchob said. “As the news of violent action grows bigger, it might become the next footprint for future incidents,” he added, encouraging people to help take care of other people’s mental health.

Published : February 10, 2020

By : The Nation