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Virus screening intensifies along Cambodian border

Feb 20. 2020
Pol Maj General Archayon Kraithong (File Photo)
Pol Maj General Archayon Kraithong (File Photo)
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Screening for the Covid-19 virus is being ramped along the eastern border to prevent anyone infected arriving from Cambodia.

Thailand is far more wary of its neighbour since two passengers of the Westerdam cruise ship that was finally allowed to dock at Sihanoukville last week turned out to be infected.

Both were American tourists. Thailand had refused the ship entry to its ports.

Pol Maj General Archayon Kraithong, commander of Immigration Police Division 3, said on Thursday (February 20) that his force had increased the intensity of screening measures at all border checkpoints where foreigners arrive from countries and territories dealing with the virus.

“All of the checkpoints on the Cambodian border will have both Immigration police and Public Health Ministry officials monitor the screening at all times,” he said.

“Anyone displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19 will be immediately isolated and thoroughly tested.

“We have also asked the Cambodian government for the names of all Westerdam passengers as well as their most recent test results,” he added.

Archayon said no one entering from Cambodia has tested positive for the virus thus far and expressed confidence that the screening is strict enough to prevent anyone infected from slipping through.

He was asked about the safety of screening staff.

“We prioritise their safety with rotating shifts and ample time to rest in between,” he said. “At the end of a shift they go through thermal scanner and are thoroughly examined for any abnormality to make sure that they are healthy enough for continue.”

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