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Exhibition throws light on solar energy

Feb 21. 2020
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By The Nation

As the demand for energy rises with depleting resources of fuels, the energy security of human beings is being compromised. Finding alternative energy has become a pressing need, especially today when an energy crisis is imminent. A significant source of alternative renewable energy is solar energy, clean energy accessible to all by using solar cells.

To throw light on the situation, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and the Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is holding an exhibition on "Living Solar: Affordable and Clean Energy". 

The exhibition will inform visitors of the development, innovation and the use of solar cells in everyday life. The aim is to create an understanding of the use of solar energy through practical information within the exhibition, experimental learning activities, and exchanging opinions on future developments of clean energy, to promote social participation in improving energy sustainability for society, the organisers said.

The exhibition is aimed at inspiring and actualising the use of clean energy. It also provides a space for learning and exchanging knowledge of clean energy through arts and crafts for children, the elderly, and family. The programmes include "Little Solar Energy Home", "Clean Energy Family", "Solar Energy Town", etc. 

The Living Solar exhibition will be held till May 3, at Jaras Lab, on the third floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Jaras Lab is part of the project "Jaras: Creative Lights", which will bring to you activities about alternative energy from sunlight through various art engagements at the BACC until August 2020. The project is sponsored by the Power Development Fund, Office of the ERC.

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