Monday, June 14, 2021


Virus transmission range can be up to two metres

The COVID-19 virus can be transmitted within a range anywhere up to two metres. All it takes is a sneeze, a cough or any other unshielded splash of bodily fluid, a Thammasat University expert said on Monday (February 24) in a lecture at the school.



“It’s also possible that SARS-CoV-2 can be spread in ways other than droplets of body fluid, since it’s similar to SARS-CoV,” Dr Pholawat Tingpej of the Faculty of Medicine said, using an alternative name for COVID-19. 
“However, the current information has shown that it can be passed along only through the droplets.”
The virus is found in faeces as well and suggested people close the lid before flushing the toilet to protect others, as well as wearing a mask and cleaning their hands regularly.
“Studies have demonstrated that the virus can survive for six days at 20 degrees Celsius and 50 per cent relative humidity,” he said. “It can even survive for nine days on plastic surfaces and two days on a surgical gown.”
It’s further been determined that the concentration level of ethanol used to sterilise items bearing the virus should be 70-95 per cent.

Published : February 26, 2020