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Entertainment venues to shutter for 14 days

The Cabinet today (March 17) approved a temporary closure of entertainment venues in Bangkok and Greater Bangkok for 14 days, starting from tomorrow (March 18), as the government beefs up measures to stem the Covid-19 outbreak.

Places affected include movie theatres, pubs, bars, traditional massage parlours and other entertainment venues listed under a related law.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said after the cabinet meeting that the resolution did not amount to putting the city or the country on lockdown as it did not restrict the movement of people. It only affects places of mass gatherings, he added. The premier said that the Finance Ministry will propose relief measures to the Cabinet next week to help entertainment places and their employees.The cabinet also approved six measures:
1. Public Health measure
> Preparing all hospitals nationwide, patient beds, staff and medical supplies to deal with any escalating situation.
> Approving extra payment to medical staff related to medical supplies.
>Foreigners coming from high risk areas will have to present a medical certificate , issued not more than 3 days before their arrival as well as health insurance documents.

> Strict screening of arrivals by sea, land and airports.
> Using applications to track arrivals in Thailand.
>Banning the state officials from going overseas, except on necessary cases.
>Advise overseas Thais to delay plan to return home until the situation get betters.

2. Medical supplies

> Accelerating the production of face masks, hand-washing alcohol and gels for distribution to hospitals.

3. Information
> Continue informing the public on the latest situation, receiving complaints to do with Covid-19.

3. Foriegn affairs
> Cancelling visas on arrival and visa exemption measures. No country opposes such cancellations.
> Setting up “Team Thailand” overseas to take care of state officials, students, monks and labourers.

4. Preventive measures
> Cancellation of Songkran festival: people can take substitute holidays at later, appropriate time.
> Temporary closure of some places such as universities, schools, tutorial schools, sports stadiums, movie theatres.
>Any shop or restaurant that is not closed must thermoscan all customers at the entrance and provide sanitiser hand gels. Staff at the premises must wear face masks .

> Promoting work from home
> Postponing April annual general meetings of shareholders of listed companies, using video conferencing instead.

6. Remedial measures
All ministries will urgently consider these measures.

The number of new Covid-19 cases rose sharply by 30, Dr Sukhum Karnchanapimai, permanent secretary at the Public Health Ministry, said on Tuesday (March 16), bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Thailand to 177. 




Published : March 17, 2020