Wed, October 20, 2021


Global death toll from Covid-19 above 14,600 but no cases yet in 13 countries.

The new coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has claimed 14,641 lives with 335,974 infected, according to the latest statistics, but 13 countries remain free from the infection.

According to Gisanddata, a real-time map website showing confirmed cases of the new coronavirus worldwide, as of 8am on Monday (March 23), 335,974 were infected, of whom 98,328 had recovered and 14,641 had died.
Italy has seen the highest number of deaths at 5,476 with 59,138 infected and 7,024 recovered, followed by China -- 3,274 dead of 81,409 infected and 72,808 recovered,
The 13 countries that have not had even one case are: Lao PDR, Myanmar, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and North Korea in Asia, and Libya, Mali, Sierra Leone, Botswana, South Malawi, Sudan and a country in the Western Sahara region in Africa.

Published : March 23, 2020