Sat, October 23, 2021


Phuket airspace to shut down from April 10

Phuket Governor Phakkhaphong Thawiphat announced on Sunday (March 29) that air transport to Phuket will also shut down after he had earlier ordered a halt to land and marine transport effective Monday (March 30) until April 30 in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

“Shutting down the air transport route requires seven days notification in advance according to Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT)’s regulations, therefore the shutdown order will come into effect on April 10 and will last until April 30 just like other transport routes,” he added.
Phuket has only one land transport channel connected to the mainland, namely the Tha Chatchai Checkpoint. It will be closed under the governor’s order for all transport except vehicles that carry necessary supplies such as gas, medical, food as well as government vehicles. Others must seek permission from the Public Health Ministry.
Marine transport channels both international and inter-provincial will be closed for all vehicles except those carrying necessary supplies and vehicles used in government or medical affairs. Crews on foreign ships who are allowed to enter Phuket must not disembark under any circumstance. Crews from domestic ships can disembark in Phuket only after they provide a doctor’s certificate and undergo screening as specified by the Ministry of Public Health.

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Published : March 30, 2020