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Yala’s Betong district eyes banning arrivals from April 12

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The authorities of Yala’s Betong district plan to call on the provincial governor to ban all arrivals and outside vehicles to the district from April 12 to 30 or until further notice in a move to curb the transmission of Covid-19, district chief Anant Boonsamran said on Wednesday (April 8).

He added that related district officials met on Wednesday to discuss the lockdown. He said many measures were considered at the meeting, including the possibility of banning outsiders from entering the district. Anant added that the option of quarantining locals returning to the district for 14 days was also discussed.
The district chief said people in Betong will be allowed to lead their lives normally during the day but will have to observe the night-time curfew.

Published : April 08, 2020