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WEDNESDAY, November 30, 2022
Thai embassy reaches out to Thai woman infected with Covid-19 abroad

Thai embassy reaches out to Thai woman infected with Covid-19 abroad

WEDNESDAY, April 22, 2020

After a Thai woman in the Netherlands posted a video about her experience of becoming infected with Covid-19, the Thai Embassy in the Hague on Wednesday (April 22) contacted her to offer its help.

On April 21, the woman posted a video saying she was homesick and explaining that she had to twice plead to see a doctor before she was finally diagnosed with Covid-19. She said she had rarely left the house recently, but suspects the virus was passed onto her when a friend sneezed while they were together on April 15.

The Embassy revealed the woman told them that the doctor had treated her at home. Since then she has been receiving medication, and a Thai neighbour has been ensuring she has enough to eat.

The woman declined the embassy’s offer of help, saying she did not need it at this time. Embassy staff asked her and her neighbour to contact them immediately if any assistance was required and said they would continue to monitor her symptoms.

Home treatment is in line with the Netherlands' public health policy for controlling and treating patients with Covid-19. Only those with severe symptoms are advised to seek admission to hospital.

The Embassy also asked any other Thais in the Netherlands who fall ill or suffer a serious accident to notify them as soon as possible.