Sun, September 26, 2021


Golf courses, hairdressers, restaurants can open on May 3 under strict rules

The government is lifting restrictions on the following activities from Sunday (May 3), according to a report published in the Royal Gazette on Friday:



Food and beverage shops that also sell alcohol can open, but patrons are banned from consuming alcohol in these venues.

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Kre-ngam, however  said that though people are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at eating venues, alcoholic drinks can be bought to take home.
Hotels, airports, train and bus stations, hospitals, eateries and street vendors, with the exception of bars and pubs, can sell food and beverage but on a take-home basis. If these venues want to seat patrons then they must put social-distancing measures in place.
Small wholesale and retail shops, markets and flea markets can open, but are required to check the temperature of visitors at the entrance.
Hairdressers can provide washing and cutting services, but no patrons are allowed to wait for their turn inside.
Golf courses can be opened, but no mass gatherings or competitions allowed.
Public parks can only open their outdoor sections for walking, running, cycling or exercising – no gatherings for competitions, plays or shows are allowed.
Pet care shops that provide grooming and nursing services have to strictly follow the government’s hygiene measures.

Published : May 01, 2020