Saturday, July 24, 2021


Actor 'Deane' donates plasma after recovering from Covid-19

Actor Matthew “Deane” Chanthavanij, who contracted Covid-19 in March and has been fully cured, has donated his plasma to help other patients.



Deane appeared in a facebook post of Dr Yong Poovorawan, a virologist at Chulalongkorn University, on Friday (May 8) with a caption: “Today we have a hero come in to donate plasma for Covid-19 patients."
Deane was accompanied by his wife, Sarunrat ‘Lydia’ Visutthithada.

Actor 'Deane' donates plasma after recovering from Covid-19

Yong added that blood plasma from recovered patients will have immunity, also known as antibody, against Covid-19 virus and could be used in treating other Covid-19 patients. “Plasma from recovered patients can be stored for one year,” he said. “A recovered patient can donate up to six times before the antibody will gradually reduce after six months since the symptoms showed up.”
Deane informed the public on March 13 that he was infected with the Covid-19 virus. It was later confirmed that he was one of over 100 cluster cases who attended a boxing event that he hosted at Lumpini Boxing Stadium on March 6. His wife was also infected but the couple has now recovered and are healthy.

Published : May 09, 2020