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Nida survey shows people worried about second wave of Covid-19

May 10. 2020
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By The Nation

Nearly half the people in a survey said they were worried that travelling across provinces could lead to a second outbreak of Covid-19, while most people agreed with the government's gradual loosening of lockdown measures.

The survey by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida), released on Sunday, on "Lockdown Relaxation Measures" was conducted from May 4-7 with people aged 18 years and above in every region from various education levels and professions. A total of 1,259 respondents answered questions regarding relaxation measures to prevent and solve the problem of the Covid-19 disease spreading.

When asked about people's opinions on easing measures to prevent and solve the Covid-19 problem, 34.39 per cent said they agreed very much because the number of people infected was very low, 49.56 per cent said they quite agreed because fewer people are infected; 9.93 per cent did not agree as the virus was still spreading and we were not out of the crisis and 6.04 per cent said they totally disagreed because they wanted the Covid-19 virus to be completely wiped out and relaxation should be postponed for another month. Some 0.08 per cent did not respond.

Regarding public concerns of a second round of infections after relaxation of measures, the survey found that 15.33 per cent said they were very worried because of public gatherings and increase in travel while people neglected social distancing, which could lead to another Covid-19 outbreak, while 47.58 per cent said they were quite worried as people travelling across provinces could spread the infection. Around 25.73 per cent said that they were not worried because the number of people infected was going down and they had confidence in the work of the government and medical personnel. About 11.12 per cent said they were not worried at all because the government has good preventive measures. If people and entrepreneurs cooperate with the government to strictly follow the instructions, Covid-19 will definitely go away. Some 0.24 per cent offered no opinion.

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