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Coffin maker resurrects spirit of sharing in Nakhon Sawan

May 15. 2020
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A Nakhon Sawan coffin maker’s unique cupboards for the community pantry set up outside his shop have instantly become a sensation on the internet.

The idea of community pantries recently became popular as people use it to donate food and basic necessities to the less fortunate who have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis, though there have been reports of some people selfishly emptying these food cupboards.

Kosol Phutthajaroenlap, 43, the owner of Halee 9 coffin shop in Nakhon Sawan’s Muang district started off by modifying coffins into cupboards, which became an instant hit among the locals, with many coming to add items and take photos.

“I used coffins because I have nothing else to make cupboards from,” he said. “There is no hidden message, but I’m glad they have become a hit and are attracting people into making donations.”

Some netizens, however, insist on seeing a hidden message and say this is a lesson in morality for those who have been inconsiderate.

“This will make them realise that no matter how much they collect, we all end up in the same place,” a Facebook user commented.

Kosol said that though there is no CCTV to keep watch, people should be honest and only take two items from the donated goods such as rice, instant noodles, UHT milk and drinking water to ensure there is something left for other people.

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