Thursday, June 24, 2021


Helping SMEs, job creation the thrust of new industrial promotion programme

The Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) is organising a 90-day industrial promotion programme to help 4,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), boost local businesses in 11 communities and create 6,000 jobs.



“The Ministry of Industry has tasked the DIP to come up with a campaign to rehabilitate and promote industrial and local entrepreneurs, as the Covid-19 situation in Thailand is improving,” said DIP director-general Natthaphol Rangsitphol. “The department will use a Bt150-million budget to organise a three-month programme and expect that it will help create economic value of over Bt800 million to four target groups, as follows:
▪︎ Industrial entrepreneurs and SME operators: The DIP will focus on increasing competitive advantage and creating the knowledge base to support business operations in the "New Normal" era. More than 4,000 SMEs are expected to benefit from this programme, which will increase economic value by over Bt448 million.
▪︎ Community entrepreneurs: The DIP will promote community businesses using innovations and technology to increase the efficiency of local manufacturers and the tourism industry. The programme will include organising of local tour programmes, development of logistics platform and warehouse management within the community to be the fundamentals of future enterprises. The programme will be implemented in 11 pilot communities and is expected to increase the income of locals to over Bt87 million.
▪︎ Farmers and agricultural businesses: The DIP will focus on improving e-commerce skills among local farmers to expand their markets as well as use new technology and innovations to increase the value of existing products. Up to 100 agricultural products are expected to benefit from the programme, which will increase their economic value to over Bt78 million.
▪︎ Labourers and new graduates: The DIP will promote vocational skills by providing online courses, especially in the fields of electronics and industrial mechanics which have high demand in job markets. The programme is expected to create 6,000 jobs and increase economic value of 400 businesses by over Bt185 million.

“The programme will be open to interested entrepreneurs and the general public with no limitations. Subsequent promotional packages, however, will only be provided to those who pass the DIP’s evaluation in economic value improvement,” added Natthaphol.

Published : May 22, 2020