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Expert virologist wants close watch on health situation as 3rd phase of lockdown easing gets rolling

Jun 01. 2020
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Expert Chulalongkorn University virologist Dr Yong Poovorawan has advised the Public Health Ministry to keep close tabs on another possible virus outbreak and strictly control the situation after the government’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration introduced phase three of lockdown easing to enable more high-risk businesses to reopen.

“As I said before, we may not be able to see the number of new cases always at zero," Yong said today (June 1). "But we must ensure that everyone stays healthy and the public health system can take good care of patients so there’s no pressure on the system or damage to the economy or society. Everything must be balanced.”

If there is another outbreak, the system must be able to cope by controlling the number of patients and providing them with good care, he said.

“Everyone must help each other vigorously and follow the instructions strictly,” he warned.

The same applies to reopening schools, Yong said.

“There must be intensive measures. Education must go forward amid a new way of life. Children should continue learning, whether in school, via television or online. Younger children need to study in school, but there should be strict measures in place, such as reducing the number of students and abiding by hygiene guidelines. Older children who can study online should be allowed do so either on-site or at home. This might be an opportunity for education reform,” he said.

“In this journey, we know there are thorns but we need to keep walking. We must be more careful, being aware of the slightest danger and taking precautions,” he added.

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