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Thai Red Cross seeks blood as restrictions eased

Jun 02. 2020
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By The Nation

After the government issued the third round of easing measures on Monday, the Thai Red Cross Society announced that it was in desperate need for blood donations as doctors will start tending to other conditions now that the Covid-19 crisis is under control. People are invited to make donations at the nearest blood donation centre or the closest hospital that takes blood donations.

A report on blood units available said that there are only 242 units of A blood type left when 12,000 units are needed monthly, 411 units of B 0type left versus 18,000, 434 units of O blood type versus 24,000 and there are only 94 units of AB blood type left versus 6,000 required. Meanwhile, there is a scarcity of rare Rh-negative blood types, with 23 units of the A- type and seven units of the O- type immediately required.

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